December 4, 2013

Two poems by Gary Beck

Daughter of Croesus

"I dress my dog in diamonds,"
the pampered princess said
to her obedient slaves,
as she showered her poodle
with bracelets and earrings
of priceless jewels,
while the people went hungry.
Then a radical revolt
overthrew the ruler,
confiscated his wealth
and banished the princess
with the clothes on her back,
and she abandoned the dog
to starvation in the streets,
since she couldn't afford
to keep her in style.

Tooth and Claw

In times of peace,
rare intervals
in this harsh life,
a gentle soul
only survives
by intervention
of fate, chance, deity,
old-fashioned good luck,
odd coincidence,
finds brief escape
in lulls between wars
immersed in books. 

Gary Beck’s original plays and translations of Moliere, Aristophanes and Sophocles have been produced Off Broadway and toured colleges and outdoor performance venues. His novel and poetry books are available on Amazon. Take a look at his page at

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