December 4, 2013

Two poems by Jim Hart


The music of the old house
sings like memories in every creak
A tune in each echo
of the too close tracks passing trains
Parents' voices
"Be good and be careful"
cajoling reminders
as the big oak door slams shut
on four Hart generations
sold to a family of tone deaf strangers
who will never hear my mother's sweet breakfast preparing hum

For - Who Might Have Been

In the welcome withdrawal
of fragile memories
stored like old clothes
in an attic steamer trunk
I find you again
as always
for me to turn the key
and lift the rusty hinges
your everlasting youthful beauty
in the sterling silver frame      
of forever

first love         

Jim Hart has published a collection of poetry: “Ramblings Of A One-Eyed Garbage Man”. He has also been published in over forty-five journals, reviews throughout the world. His work has appeared in the United States, Canada, England, India, Austria, Germany, Scotland, Wales, and New Zealand.

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