December 4, 2013

One poem by Rachel Coventry

Dinner with an Ex

I'm sorry but I could not rest
till I sent in the remote lens,
agitating seabed silt,
scurrying shoals of silver fish.

Pull open the old chest
with a remote control claw
retrieve some memory
that disintegrates in air.

Some once familiar expression
still unfathomable to me,
your voice still deviating
as it did when we were sinking.

I'm sorry but I could not rest
till at last I surveyed the wreck,
traced the angle of its descent
lit up its final resting place. 

Rachel Coventry lives in Galway. She writes both poetry and fiction. Her poems have appeared in Skylight 47, The Burning Bush 2, Boyne Berries, Bare Hands, and The First Cut. She also has a poem forth coming in Poeticdiversity: the litzine of LA. She was short listed for the 2012 Over The Edge New Writer of the Year Competition. She is currently studying for a PhD in the philosophy of art at The National University of Ireland, Galway.

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