October 30, 2012

One poem by Dweep Mustang

Shades of Irony

Self immolation in a land not far,
Blasphemy, lies giving birth to a moral war.

What is Truth?
Self immolation? Or a lie?
I know not!
But this I know
'Voice of the people to be the voice of God'.

Yet, helpless in my own tranquil thoughts.

What is Truth? And what is a lie?

Masochistically, I know not
I know not.

A note on the poem: The poem portrays the Draconian attitude and the veil of lies of the Chinese authority and the peace keeping authority of the world towards the Tibetan people.

Dweep Mustang hails from Soreng, West Sikkim. He is the author of the book The Sanctum of Art  Madness & Creativity. He is currently working as a columnist/ journalist for Sikkim Express and contributor for the literary journal The Applicant. Many of his poems and essays have been published in journals from all around the world. He is more of a writer, poet, columnist, painter as well as avid reader and a modest human being.

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