April 2, 2014

One poem by Lee Evans

The Inhuman Condition 

The front half of a frog
Eyes shining
Throat pulsing
Squats between a snake's jaws
On a flat mossy boulder
Unable to leap
From the crowd that stares
In repulsed fascination
As the reptile patiently
Swallows the paralyzed
Amphibian that waits
In helpless resignation

If you save it
It means that both your eyes are blind
If you do not save it
It means that both your body
And your shadow are not visible

(Cf. The Transmission of the Lamp, Chuan 15)

Lee Evans lives in Bath, Maine, and works for the local YMCA. His poems have appeared in such journals as Mused, The Christendom Review, The Metric and Decanto.  His latest collection is available on Lulu.com: http://www.lulu.com/shop/lee-evans/the-hazards-of-being-useful/paperback/product-20597798.html

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