April 2, 2014

One poem by Gordon Hilgers

Animal Planet

Always, every direction, as far as

emptiness shall ever rise-up from stone,
third planet, latchkey child of solar system’s
multiplicitous, orbital wheeling, look long,
ninth planet, for we are the animals, moving
as one duplicitous seduction, whispering
through brother vegetation’s inhalation of
what we leave, and breathing oxygen, for this
is the unacknowledged Christmas, rainbow
covenant, blue-baby Krishna walking clouds
out beyond universal pillow-fighting, building
creatures of our own in stone, mutely
speaking about behemoth dirt-clods rotating
around pure energy:  How stellar spills,
pure light Milky Way, breathe; that is
the dark secret.  Rare earth, independence
of Schrodinger’s cats, Russian box dreaming
inside dreams, inside newer dream-works…
then you turn to face me, she-goddess, beauty

unbound, smiling, yes, the smiling body. 

Gordon Hilgers has been writing poetry since age nine, seriously from age 13, really seriously from age 19, then not so seriously beginning in 1985, then super-seriously beginning in 1988, leaving-off in 1992, getting back on the poetry train in 1993.  He has not been too serious since then.  Publications range from Misty Mountain Review, Red River Review, Every Reason, Deathlist 5 and other small and rare publications. 

(Note: "Animal Planet" is a cable television channel in the United States, one specifically designed to please animal lovers. This poem, however, is not necessarily about the television programming.)  

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