March 9, 2013

One poem by Kuma Raj Subedi

Childhood Memoir

Those were the days
When we used to herd the goats
In the plains in front of the house
Sometimes by the river, sometimes in the woods

Friends were jolly
Spirit very high
Fun was swimming too
Never had reason to sigh

Never were the days the same
All full of adventure
Prairie, vale and the river basin—
So inviting with green and smell

Leopards were the enemies
Rest the kin and kith,
Vividly I remember it
Others may call now myth

Bygone days were so pleasing—
Only make me much nostalgic
I’m grown up now
Stunned by reason and logic

Give me those days again
Which make me a child,
A big no to hectic life!
These memories soothing and mild…

Kuma Raj Subedi, MA, is a teacher of English language and literature based in Sauraha, Chitwan. His numerous creations have been published in different literary magazines and journals. Some of his selected poems can be read at, his own personal blog.

1 comment:

  1. simple but superb really inundates nostalgic feelings.