March 9, 2013

One poem by Annam Ragamalika


My mother wondered why her vinegar-soaked vegetables
Never became pickles, yet the jar was always half empty?

She dreaded our looking forward to festivals, our informing guests,
About "happy birthdays", for she was certain, after that we would be ill

We hid behind cupboards to gobble up stolen, sweet athirasam
My mother wondered why her sick child grew so fond of the corner shelf.

Fluffy clouds were heaps of ice cream, ours for the asking!
Swallowed seeds could sprout giant trees in stomach garden!

Babies were couriered by cranes, Death was sound sleep.
Childhood had many answers, repartee for heart's queries.

Annam Ragamalika teaches English at Loyola College, Chennai. She majored in English from Central University of Hyderabad and is currently pursuing her PhD in Madras University. She has published research papers in journals such as Impressions and Wizcraft journal of Language and literature. She likes reading and writing poems and her poems have been published by Kavya Bharati.

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