October 30, 2012

One poem by Tahera Moiz Mannan


She made her castle out of sand
Wrote destiny on the palm of her hand
Looked up with pure faith
Experienced love and hate
Saw angels grow old with age
A golden bird in a rusty cage
Selling love for money
Broken, beaten but still funny
Tender shoulders carry a load
A long journey, a winding road
A mountain, a stone, a pebble unexpected
Nothing perfect all defected
A crying heart, those silent tears
From coal to diamond over many years
Her love lost among millions
Looking for rest amid billions

Tahera Moiz Mannan holds a master's degree in English literature and is an assistant professor of English at Anjuman College of Engineering and Technology. She is a product of St. Joseph’s Convent and L.A.D. College, Nagpur, India. She has teaching experience of over eight years gained in India and abroad. A member of International Poets’ Group, Tehera has contributed her literary works to CLRI and Muse India. She has recently published a poetry book 'Heartstrings'.


  1. A sense of poignancy in this one particularly with that last line conveying a restless spirit.

    'Looking for rest amid billions'


  2. Tahera Moiz Mannan is SHE

    And she's a great poet indeed. Haven't been in touch with her for quite a long time now but am so proud that she's still one of my highly regarded FB friends. Allah Karim keep her blessed. amen!

    Saalik Siddikki