October 30, 2012

One poem by Dag and Maya


Life’s broken promises
and shattered dreams
a random patchwork
of disillusionment
sewn together year by year
all the plans gone awry
visions washed away
in a sea of bitter tears
fragments of our lives
like children still borne
scattered like so many
fallen leaves, shriveled and dry
that die unfulfilled, forgotten
in a world uncaring
more concerned with games
played upon life’s stage
that treats us all the same
mere pawns upon a chessboard
moved by unseen hands

Denny "Dag" Hoffman and Maja Mijac are retired and are husband and wife writing team residing in Belgrade, Serbia. Their poetry has previously appeared in Four Branches Press, Writing Raw, Real Stories Gallery, New Mirage Journal, Aortic Press and several anthologies. Their poetry represents their own life experiences and stories recounted by their friends.

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  1. Really liked this poem, succinct and thought-provoking!