October 30, 2012

One poem by Michelle D’costa

Web of Lies

Lies are as deadly
As the legs of a cobweb

Trapping you

Slowly weaving around you

You don’t notice it
Because you choose to lie in the dark

The light blinds you
But you see the web you are caught in

The one you created

But it’s too late

It suffocates you

And you wish

For the truth to set you free

It watches your expression up close

Mocking your helplessness

You should’ve paid it reverence

For your own good

Michelle D’costa, a.k.a. the Bookworm, is an Indian writer/editor raised in Bahrain. Her poems have appeared in Poems of the Poppies, Musings: A Mosaic, The Love Collection, The Odd Magazine and Big River Poetry Review. Her short stories have appeared in Winds of Change and Decades Review. She accepts feedback from her readers on her facebook page— http://www.facebook.com/MichelleWendyDcosta?ref=ts

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