October 30, 2012

One poem by Larry Javier Ambion


It’s never easy to adhere
and stick right away against the adjacent.
It took a while to finally set in.
As air touches its surface coating
a layer of  hardened surfaces.

When forced to meet the glossy both
sides not letting dry a bit.
Will return to unattached surfaces
and will never be entwined.

The flats need a damp air to crystallize.
Won’t sweep no matter what the force is.
Having it breathe and grasp air for a while
and bond everlasting.

Larry Javier Ambion teaches English language and literature at San Beda College, Manila. He earned his master’s degree from De La Salle University and currently holds PhD units in English language and literature at Ateneo De Manila University. He is pursuing his studies under the CHED scholarship grant. His most recent works include studies on language and gender, language policy and linguistic landscape, and translation. He has written several poems and short stories wishing to be published someday. 

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  1. wonderful poem... the imagery is superb.