October 30, 2012

One poem by Jan Turner-Jones

The Shape of the World

The lies we tell children
are shaping the world:

Is being born painful?
Is God the whole deal?
Will robots rule people?
Are night-monsters real?

Does dying spoil living?
Does love make us feel?
Does crying destroy us
or help us to heal?

The lies shape the answers—
the shape of the world.

Jan Turner-Jones has written in various genres since she was a small girl at boarding school:  three volumes of adult poetry; 50 children’s poems in two volumes; had six songs in the ASA Top 10; edited Semper Floreat at Queensland University; written reviews and articles for literary journals; won the R Carson Gold Short Story Prize. In 2009 her comedy play Achy Breaky Heart debuted. She has now completed two musicals and is working on her second novel.

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