October 30, 2012

One poem by Arun Budhathoki

May 27th

Hope is what kept us alive
Expecting Constitution finally
Dreams crushed
Leaders punished poor citizens
Plucking off their decaying dreams

I’m going to Bhaktapur today to release the dead dreams
To the Ancients,
I’m tired of living in this augur age
Civilization cursed
Economy falling apart

Nation nullified almost,

I do not care anymore
To carry the burden of concern and worry
I’m exhausted, tired

Superficial smiles and worries
Prompt me to puke
All over the disgusting faces of these pathetic leaders

I wish I could do this
I wish I could make them leave
And pay for the wrongdoings against all.

Arun Budhathoki (Daniel Song) is from Nepal. He is an aspiring poet, writer and founding-editor of The Applicant, a Kathmandu based online literary journal. He is the author of a poetic collection 'Edge' which is available online at Amazon. He has contributed his poems to a number of literary journals from around the world. Visit his page at Mad Swirl Journal to read more of his poems: http://madswirl.com/content/poetry/Arun_Budhathoki.html

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