April 24, 2012

One poem by Jennifer Habana-Abastillas


          Archieved you
          Unable to find
                                  your familiar face
          Your vacant , scarred eyes
           Yet sailed in my island of dreams
           Where our river flows
           Grasping our unspoken meaning.

           In this transverse universe
           Where my moonlight meets
                                  meets your sunlight
           I wil linger
           To share the youthful grief of
                                  my winter nights
           And summon the promises of
                                  my forever whys
           With the sonnets and haikus you left
           In this shadow of

Jennifer Habana-Abastillas resides in California and works as an Emergency Room Nurse. Aside from writing, she likes to run and hike with her husband and 2 children. Some of her poems have been published in Nursing Journal, Requiem Magazine. Her recent poem has been included in Poetry Book of War and Peace by Brian Wrixon.

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