April 24, 2012

One poem by Satyn Bulchandani


To go through life as if it were a colorful haze,
shapes and shifts, curls and swirls,
that may dance across the screen with a twirl of a knob,
absorbing deeply only the flashing lights –
ignorant that you've got one eye looking through a lens,
fascinated by the roses, of several shades,
and the other                          in another realm. 

Satyn Bulchandani is a 19 year old aspiring writer. He has lived his whole life in Bangalore. His interests vary from writing to music to photography. He wrote his first poem when he was in the 2nd grade and since then has been occasionally dappling in narratives until about two years ago when he began his journey to become a prolific writer and poet.


  1. thank you misty mountain review! and haris! god bless you!

    -satyn bulchandani

  2. You welcome, Satyn! Wish you all the best!