April 24, 2012

Editor's Note

Sometimes things just happen. In the whirlpool of conditions, they just happen—  especially in this part of the world. I had never thought of starting a journal like this before, but time put me in such situations and consequences which made me feel a close affinity between me and a mountain veiled in unimaginable snow and mist. And I gave myself to a creative form instead, celebrating my sweet and sour experiences in poems and lately starting Misty Mountain Review. With this being said, let me present to you, the reader, the inaugural issue of the journal.

I had received a large number of poems out of which I have chosen only twenty seven by twenty one poets from around the world. Personally, it was surprising for me (because this issue is not a themed one) to receive many poems that dealt with ‘coldness’ of human civilization. And consequently there are more such poems in this issue. Others speak of some fractured memories and unfulfilled dreams and desires. And with them too, exasparation comes along. Some other poems are even critical of modern tech-culture and many other grim social realities. In other words, very few of them are jovial in mood and tone. Perhaps this is because we, in the present times, have more to do with damage and decadence?

I welcome you all, readers and critics, to read and have your own interpretations. I also welcome any suggestions you could give in making MMR a notable journal. Finally, and most importantly, I would like to thank all the contributors who, with enthusiasm, said ‘yes’ to this springtime…

Happy reading!


Haris Adhikari

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