November 16, 2017

One poem by Anamika Mishra

Standing by the Edge of the River

The inebriated flow
Of the river
And its cooling-
Calming edge
And the passé
Bridge nearby
Filled with
Engineering great— arts of beauty
Mending of masons,
Laborers' duty,
Trails of trains … stretching
Into the looming hazy dusk …
All of which
Have been the greatest inspiration
And motivation
For me.
Awful amenities 
Of wisdom
And ken!
While all of these
Remind me
Of an evening, of the end
Of my days,
And I think of an eternal slumber,
The river calls me
To get into it!
It says, "Only for a while, you'll drown.
Then nobody can stop you from floating."
"Come into the centre," says the bridge,
"And connect
Sensations with soul;
I'll teach you how! And connect you
With the things
You've never been connected with."
"I'll never betray you," say the trails
Of trains gone to the sublime—
Lost in amazing
Love of art,
"Your own peace
Will bring peace, giving birth to
Love of peace!" 

ANAMIKA MISHRA, a multi-lingual aspiring poet and writer, comes from Birjung, Nepal. A graduate in English literature from Pokhara University, she has recently started writing and contributing to several online magazines and national dailies, working alongside as a teacher. She blogs at

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