October 31, 2016

One poem by Lee Evans

If only I were I and You were You

It bothers me that I can’t see what you see,
And I would say vice versa—
But I don’t know if it bothers you.

Sometimes I wonder if we’re really conversing,
You know, with the reciprocity they say folks do.

I told you about my day,
You told me about yours;
And I’m sure it all got processed somehow,
But was there anyone involved?

I don’t like to be too introspective.

If only I could step around the corner
To see what’s on the next street,
But I’m always on the street I’m on.

If only I could get behind
The facades of the businesses,
The residences, the historic buildings,
The faces of the madding crowds,
The advertising signs, the sky, the sun.

If only all I ever knew,
Was that you felt the same way too.

LEE EVANS lives in Bath, Maine and works for the local YMCA. In to his literary pursuits, he is currently engaged in studying Pali and early Buddhism.

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