October 31, 2016

One poem by James G. Piatt

The Forest

For many years I walked the forest’s trail, through flowered meadows, under Sycamore, Birch, And Alder trees, atop small boulders crossing the stream, 
Mused upon the beauty and tranquility of nature, as I traveled up and down the verdant fields searching for a subtle silence in the stillness of the morn.

I observed the mysteries of life, the Crawling insects, flying bugs and Butterflies, the raspy croaking frogs hiding in the reeds alongside the softly flowing stream watching trout swimming in a pond, the multitude of various Species of birds, the small rodents Racing over the meadow, the deer Silently eating grass with a wary eye open for intruders, all part of the wonders of our existence.

As I now sit beside a deep blue pond with ripples like old blue parchment on its skin caused by a balmy summer breeze, I watch The apricot dawn flowing lazily down the hills, listen to the bird-songs of downy birds sitting in the trees composing melodies. The orange and yellow tinged leaves of the Sycamore trees painted by summer’s heat, dance in the warm air casting flickering shadows like old memories dancing upon the earth’s soul. 

A multitude of memories caress my mind filling my soul with the aroma of sweet hours, and the odor of bitter hours to come. I worry about the time when my days in the forest will end, a sudden hour when I will no longer be able to safely walk the quiet paths, no longer hear the birds singing, the frogs croaking, dip my body into cool ponds, or watch animals quietly walking across the grasslands. As the Hours of my life start to fade, such thoughts cause my mind to sadden. 

JAMES G. PIATT's poems have been nominated for Pushcart and Best of Web awards, and his poems were published in The 100 Best Poems of 2015 & 2014 Anthologies. He has published 2 poetry books “The Silent Pond” (2012), and “Ancient Rhythms,” (2014), and over 665 poems in over 90 different magazine, anthologies, and poetry books. His third poetry book is scheduled for release in January. His books are available on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

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