October 31, 2016

One poem by Aremu Adams Adebisi

Book and Love

We started our love with prefaces
without a table where contentment
could be listed with priorities —
a table of contents

we love in crystal leaves,
white as delight, transparent,
bound together with a hard cover —
the shell of our hearts

we put love into action
in the chasms betwixt parallel lines
as she moans in sprawled alphabets
and in knotted contextual meanings

we smile in acts and fight in sequels
to be seen as the cast in scenes
at the end of every chapter

as each page flips and drags
till the antagonist is the protagonist
and the latter soon is the former,
we take the climax for a coin;
a head or a tail —
a comedy or a tragedy

and when it ends with a tail
we'd see it to be a drama
written by our hearts
with a beginning
and an end

AREMU ADAMS ADEBISI is an undergraduate of Economics at the University of Ilorin. He is a poet whose works are in varying poetical outlets. He blogs at artmosterrific.wordpress.com

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