November 4, 2015

One poem by Sylvia McCullough


spicy powers, sweet remedies,
sweet almost as love.
Touched by Venus, her perfumes
bewitch us with their sorcery.
She gives us love potions,
nosegays brightening our shadows.
Her opium fragrance,
lures us, half dreaming,
to our earthy bed carpeted
with wild flowers of marjoram.
We drink in her sweet aromas,
intoxicated with her wine
of earth born pleasures,
delighting in the sweet spiciness
of one another.

Sylvia recently retired after an eclectic career of part time teaching, antiques dealing, and volunteering with the homeless. She has been published in "Indiana Voice" and won the Charles Opple Prize for Poetry for her poem "First Memory," published in "Poet's Night Out," a chapbook sponsored TADL,s annual juried event in Traverse City Michigan. Sylvia is a member of the Bayside Poets in the Traverse City area.  

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