November 4, 2015

One poem by Richard Doiron


Don't look on my surface side,
concluding you have discovered
the true landscape of my being.
While walking the valley floor,
one does not have the vantage
point of the eagle that soars.
The earthworm deep in a burrow
has a greater understanding of
that which is at the core of life.
If you must look into me even
in the least, far better to close
your eyes and listen to my heart.
Connect with my soul, which
scampers as it will - and must -
or fail in your conclusions. Think.
Still waters run deep while, more 
often than not, ripples in streams
denote not depths but shallows. 
As such, then, be not be as ripples, 
rushing into conclusions. In the end,
too, know that it is the stillness in 
your very own being that allows you 
to fathom even a modicum of that 
which is my true essence.

Richard Doiron is poet from New Brunswick, Canada. He is the author of 17 books. Twice nominated for the Governor-General's Award; work read at the United Nations, the 4th World Congress of Poetry & Cultures; winner of several International literary competitions; an estimated 1000 poems published in books and anthologies; recipient of the 2012 World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award.

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