November 4, 2015

One poem by Lee Evans


In the Maine Woods a pool is just a pool,
Unless it is “significant”. You pause
Beside the fragile water that the Law
Protects from folks who set out with their tools,
Disdainfully dismissing as soft fools
The advocates of shrimp, red salamander
And wood frog. It really makes you wonder
How sane men can persist with aims so cruel.
Our present governor is just the guy
To represent their party: He sips tea
And tastes environmental anarchy,
Pooh-poohing any sort of reason why
The forest should stay wild. You wish he knew
The laissez-faire conceived by old Lao-Tzu.

Lee Evans lives in Bath, Maine, and works for the local YMCA. His poems have appeared in such journals as Mused, The Christendom Review, The Metric and Decanto.  His latest collection is available on

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