April 21, 2015

One poem by Klaus J. Gerken

what i do

i don't
write no
poems no more
i got no
and i got no
they took my
education from me
at college
tried hard to
get it back but
ain't no use
all them fancy
words disappeared
one night
and i was left with
nothing but the
openness of sky
and mud of earth
and strawmen
walking around
like zombies
in a ts eliot
poem falling
over each other
is the truth
and nothing
can be done
about it but
to kill
so i don't
write no
poems no more
i scribble
no one wants to
think about

Klaus J. Gerken is the editor of Ygdrasil, A Journal of the Poetic Arts. Founded in 1993, Ygdrasil is the first ever literary journal published on the internet. KJG lives in Ottawa, Ontario.

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