April 21, 2015

One poem by Fiona Clements

If the Earth could write poetry what would it say to humans?

the oceans are for the fish and creatures of the sea
where did you come from, polluters of my waters?
what makes you think your trash is so important?
not I.
the forests are for the animals of the woods
where did you come from, with your guns and bullets?
who gave you the right to pull the trigger?
not I.
the trees are for the birds to make their nests
where did you come from, with your carbon monoxide?
what makes you think that you are the best?
not I.

Fiona is an animal and human rights defender who writes occasionally, and sometimes draws pictures and conclusions. She saw her own death in a vision at the age of six... and is now waiting to find out if the vision was real or a mere illusion.

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