April 21, 2015

One poem by Apar Pokharel

Infinite Memories

She spoke to me in the verses of hope and love
But little was understood by me, when I myself
Was inclined to a dreadful world, no one knows of.
Still I walked beside her, nodding word after word,
Which had no real meaning for my impassive soul that
I dragged around helplessly, beside her impassioned footsteps.

As I smiled, she smiled, completing my void countenance
But still my heart was left empty, when I myself
Wandered through the self-created, bleak emptiness inside my mind.
Still she walked beside me, smiling days after days,
Which had no real meaning for my desolate soul that
I dragged around helplessly, ahead of her passionate footsteps.

Time passed, and my feelings were tethered to a cloudy pole of sadness,
Where words rarely mattered and gloominess reigned in my heart.
I took the strides to an unknown land, and she stayed behind,
To a land she always dreamt of, with those warm feelings
Slowly drifting away from her mind.

Apar Pokharel is an 18 year old, amateur poet. He has recently graduated from High School. He resides in Kathmandu.

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