October 30, 2014

Two poems by Kevin Lynch

Mind so vinyl

sit in space,
in solitude

wind whispers a new song

seat one self
high or low
duckling ink
will fill
then flow

be by a tree
be by a seed
be by high-rise wheat
be by the source that tickles you
from head and to your feet

nature caresses temples
surrender so unseen
of hip and
utter hopelessness 
that shares us
ever seen


In Appalachi 
it snows light

we are many
writing our names in the sand
there are words on our breasts
verbs between our thighs 
language spilling from crowns

we call it water 
and in one whoosh 

we are new

Kevin was born and currently lives in Cork, Ireland. A poetry enthusiast and published musician of an original work entitled 'Chrysalis', Kevin found himself becoming more and more drawn towards writing poetry with musical layers. He is currently working on his first book of poetry.

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