October 29, 2014

One poem by Nabeela Altaf

Suicide Note

Dear Mom
I'm sure you were a child once
But even then I guess
You'll never understand
the discomfort
of filling 15 year old shoes
in large corridors
pushing you out
an insignificant piece of shit
Wrestling papers spilled with a "bump"
A white sneaker in an isle
threatening to spill your insecurities
all over the playground
Cat-calls and cat-jeers and cat-whatever's
a sleeping serenade through a sobbing night
but I really am sorry
for changing the white tiled bathroom floor
into a crimson crime.

Nabeela Altaf is a 3rd year medical student from Pakistan. Although she secretly harbors a dream of opening up an animal hospital someday, her poetry writing is quick to turn into a full length book in the near future. She likes reading books and cats.

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