April 1, 2014

One poem by David J O’Brien

While You Were Away

That little oasis of wildlife you retreat to
When the heat is heavy or the morning bright
Never stops, while you are home, being alive
And busy with staying that way, so that
The fact you haven’t been for days does not
Mean leaves are not now fanned out
Or that flowers ceased to be displayed.

Despite your absence, you can not say
The goose’s eggs have gone unlaid, or
That robins’ nestlings are unready to break
Out of their cerulean prisons, for
Gaping maws to make parents brave
The rain to gather grubs and bugs.

While clouds spread from tree to sea
And you were awaiting warmer weather,
The first brood was fledged and have flown,
Chipmunks opened eyes to go exploring
And those goslings are gone,
Bobbing down to the next pond along
Beyond the bend in the brook.

David J O’Brien is an Irish ecologist, poet, fiction writer and teacher. He currently lives in Pamplona, Spain, where he teaches and writes. He has recently written about deer watching for Ireland’s Wildlife and deer management for the Irish Wildlife Trust. His first novel, Leaving the Pack, will be published in 2014 by Tirgearr Publishing. More of his writing can be found at http://davidjmobrien.wordpress.com/

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