April 2, 2014

Two poems by Jeannie E. Roberts

Along the Old Abe State Trail

Buoyant with the prospect of spring, buffleheads
float beside the drab fringe of April.  Reeds rise
near water's edge, stand their ground weathered
in the beige remains of winter.  Tree frogs fuse
with pitch and personality, resonate the essence
of old friends.  Pine snake slithers through the
browns and buffs of withered grass as afternoon's
overcast dims the division between river and sky. 
I rise near the Chippewa's edge, stand my ground
holding the bounty of another season about to unfold.  

Tree Frog                                                               

Where it's cool
against my skin,
I remain

hidden inside
shroud, within

shadow, tucked
tightly away,
atop bark,

below branch. 
You could say,
I've dressed

for dinner—

cloak, daubed
in drab
with a tincture

of taupe.   
In time,
I'll expose

my brilliance—
to my favorite

shade of green. 
But until then,
I'll pose

near spider,
posture by fly,
then leap

to the occasion,
knife and fork
in hand.

Jeannie E. Roberts is the author of NATURE OF IT ALL, a poetry collection (Finishing Line Press, 2013).  A lifelong visual artist, she is also the author and illustrator of LET'S MAKE FACES!, a children's book.  Her poems have appeared in the Illinois State University's Festival of Language Festival Writer, Misty Mountain Review, the University of Wisconsin Barron County's Red Cedar Literary Journal, Verse Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets' Wisconsin Poets' Calendar, Your Daily Poem and elsewhere.  Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Jeannie lives in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, U.S.A.  For more, visit http://www.jrcreative.biz/

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