April 1, 2014

One poem by Banita Khanal

Hey human!

You live and let us live
It’s fine if you can’t give
But please, please don’t take
Don’t take our freedom
Our freedom to live
Our freedom to breed

You maintain your place
It’s fine if you can’t plant
But please, please don’t cut down
Don’t cut down those trees
Those trees, our shelter
Those trees, our home

You take care of your pets
It’s fine if you can’t love us
But please, please don’t hunt
Don’t hunt us for your enjoyment
We are also like those pets
We are also living beings

You earn from our sites
It’s fine if you want to see us
But please, please don’t destroy
Don’t destroy the jungle
The jungle for the sake of environment
The jungle for your own sake 

Banita Khanal is a freelance writer. She has completed a master’s degree in business studies from Tribhuvan University. She has been posting some of her best poems in her blog. One of her short stories recently appeared in The Kathmandu Post. At the moment, she is in a process to publish a collection of her poems.

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