October 30, 2012

Editor's Note

Be it in relationships or the culture we inherit, there may appear some objectionable behaviors for which we do not want to take the blame, but simply point at those fools and phonies that try to forcefully shape our lives to their advantage. And what they do in reaction? They shamelessly object to our maddened eyes. Or simply retort, 'Then why fall victim to?' This is a very typical response, especially if it is on a more personal level. Then may follow what our new contributor Jana Branch puts it in her poem (The Look of Certain Sounds) in this issue as "My suffering / mouth moans the lowest language…" If hell does really exist, it exists in a worsening relationship or a bad marriage. This is my personal experience, too.

To end such a relationship is not that easy for male ones in this part of the world, no matter what measures are taken or how sick the deceived feel. Stuck in the webs of traditional culture, one simply cannot escape from the hell. There are deadly ghosts who keep on pulling at your legs down to the bottom. Here, civilized human ways do not work; but the lowest language works, first in the form of swear words, then threats and finally accusations of undone crimes. After years of marriage and separation, retaliation becomes their sole purpose. They leave no stone unturned and even go on to buy the bastards of police officers or local political leaders. This is a growing sociological problem, particularly in the Plains of Nepal. The efforts made to hunt down 'superb' partners (for their sons and daughters) may not be bad, what is bad is getting the marriage arranged on mountains of lies. This leads to a serious consequence which not only makes the deceived feel too bitter but also gets the deceiver to go through immeasurable pain. Recently, I talked to a friend of mine from Bhojpur who has been mercilessly duped into marrying a girl. He said that this girl was not the one with whom he had talked earlier before the marriage. She came out to be her elder sister who had had difficulty getting a 'good husband' because of her physical appearance and education. Now they have an ongoing nasty family feud.

This tendency of putting a fine bait on the hooks of fishing lines is ever in the rise, also in other areas of life— be it social or cultural, political or ideological, material or spiritual. For the so called 'untouchables' in Hindu societies, the roots of truth are far beyond their understanding, and the treatment they get so inhumane. Only the few educated ones among them understand that they have been living not here and now but in the ancient mythological worlds. For women from rigid cultural backgrounds, life is a curse to be accepted with a smile and a voice cowed. For the commoners, the language of politics is as elusive as the horizon itself, and when they realize that they have been turned into mere shields in the battlefields, only then they truly understand the true nature of politics. For consumers, the market is like boiling water not in a heated kettle, but in a glacier! For the seekers of truth and freedom, it is always vexing to know that there is only one way to truth, and not to forget that they are all in chains of the Devil Culture. Even the most holy of things in this world have been brought down to many a bloody business in the name of preserving religions and cultures. Every single day in your life, you get to unmask a face or two. Perhaps this is why the famous Victorian poet Mathew Arnold puts it thus: 'Poetry is, at bottom, a criticism of life.'

What would the world look like without trickery and subsequent pain, without old thick walls and suffering? Would then poets and writers get as many subject matters as they get in the modern societies laden with lies and deceits? Just imagine!

I welcome you all, readers and critics, to read this issue of Misty Mountain on the theme of 'LIES'. I also thank all the contributors.

Happy reading!


Haris Adhikari


  1. I appreciate the hardwork by Haris Ji bringing wonderful poems from every nook and corner of the world for us.
    Really enjoyed the English poems compiled in this blog.
    With thanks & Regards,
    Chandra Gurung