April 24, 2012

One poem by Arun Budhathoki


Everything is in shortage here
Everything I say
Electricity Petrol Transportation
Food Constitution Love

But we live adjusted happily
Together Separate
We don’t care about shortage
Simply live living

But it’s too much
Fed up
With this that this that


Shortage of Mind Peace Education

Why are we poor? I ask

But why did this happen?
The figs flutter
Faces grumble
They stare

Buildings flash
Memories break up like wooden sticks
Twart! I guess the sound is

Love is ice-cream
You eat more
Don’t care – Diabetes Death

Love is sweet I’m sweet
She said
That’s not shortage
Love is not!

Arun Budhathoki (Daniel Song) is from Nepal. He has recently published his first poetry book – Edge. He currently runs the journal The Applicant (http://www.theapplicant.org/) and mostly writes poetry.

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